Your editors are Janet Brush and Tim Covell.  We are writers, life long students, and avid readers. Manuscript evaluations are normally prepared by the editor more familiar with the subject or genre. Editing is performed by one of us and checked by the other, to help ensure nothing is overlooked. Contact us.

Janet Brush is a retired accountant and former small business auditor with the Canada Revenue Agency. She has more than ten years experience writing government documents, including procedures and training materials. She has also been a news reader for Voice Print Canada, an English as a Second Language tutor, and is a published poet.

Her education includes numerous courses in accounting and small business.  She is studying for a BA in English Literature. Her reading interests include drama, poetry, mystery, and Canadian and Victorian literature.

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Tim Covell has been a technical writer for more than fifteen years, with experience in ISO 9000 documentation systems. He also has experience in software testing, database development, and website development. He is a freelance writer, with articles, essays, and poetry published in consumer magazines, academic journals, small press, and online.

His education includes BA degrees in English Literature and Film, and an MA in Canadian Studies. His reading interests include fantasy, science fiction, and romance. Tim is a member of Editors Canada.

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